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    Price Advice? 2001 Yamaha xl 800

    Not sure best forum for this but...I recently picked up a pair of xl 800's..I'm thinking of offering one to friend. Not sure what would be fair to both of us price wise..its an '01 and was told the motor is locked up..I have not verified this yet as I thought this on one I had a couple years ago and it turned out to be the impellar was stuck on wear ring..maybe thats the case? I haven't even checked yet, but assuming the worst, what should I offer this to him for? Thanks for any help! It needs other work also, seats need recover, etc
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    01 with a locked up engine? Hell Ive given away skis with less issues to strangers, not friends...

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    Are you kidding me? Free. In fact be happy he's taking it off your hands most places will charge you money to dispose of that.

  4. #4 guys are awesome! Supra..not sure where you are located but if your giving away complete skis with bad engines..give me a call!..riick..instead of paying someone maybe you should try selling so you wouldn't have to drink PBRs

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    It's probably worth parts... Rick is something else don't mind him.

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    Here is my rule on non-running skies: sum of the sellable parts divided by 2 + trailer value.

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    Non runner XL's are about 500-900 depending on condition. i try not to go over 1000 on non runners. Dont listen to Riick, he's a local village idiot and keeps proving it day in and day out.

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    thanks! I worked out a different deal with buddy..I have this locally for sale for 500..pretty sure I can get that for just 3 parts so I am not negotiable..
    PS- Maybe its not ricks fault but the PBR's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phumb View Post
    PS- Maybe its not ricks fault but the PBR's?

    LOL if you would see some of the stuff he posts on FB you would only consider PBR as an improvement, or actual addition to wisdom lol no need to blame a good beer

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