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    Can't get PTO ring off crankshaft XP 787

    Rebuilding my first seadoo engine, 787 out of 97 xp. Can't get the PTO ring off the crank. Did a search, and applied heat to as suggested. The small coupler ( one is pressed on) came off but the large ring will not come off. I tried heat, pipe wrench 24", and still no go. What I'm doing wrong ? I would assume it threads off the crank ? Any ideas or help would be great

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    add 4 feet onto the pipe wrench idea.

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    You need to heat it back up and put a chit load of red locktite on the coupler (you may have ruioned it) from there split the cases and put the crank it a very well secured vice and you need a HUGH breaker bar and pipe and alot of force ....the 97 is the only one you cant heat it a 2 peice coupler .....unless you can make a coupler tool for your impact gun (thats what I did) but you also need a very strong gun ....good luck

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    and do keep in mind where you will end up when that ring breaks loose. Always pull, never push a wrench/crazylongassbreakerbar

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    WSM sells new billtet ones

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