hey guys. just looking for opinions and basic knowledge on this machine. pros and cons. for the last year iv been researching gp1300r's and now its time to purchase and im thinking the angry 2-stroke will have to wait. my budget was $5k which i a hair over on the ski i want but its doable. i mainly got away from gp , one im only interested in the 08 blue hull and they are extremely hard to find and two, this is my first ski purchase and im thinking i need to get on the water with a more reliable, better fuel economy, more storage, and towing capabilitys. a gp will be my second ski for sure when i can afford to own both. im curious what top speed is on the fx as well as what can i do and where can i get parts to make it quicker and faster. are they quick enough to hang with maybe a vxr in acceleration or no. what should i expect and is a '05 w/ 55 hours, showroom condition w/ great trailer and orginal storage cover worth $5500? thanks guys