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Thread: Ultra 150 crank

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    Ultra 150 crank

    Okay I had a 150 blow a oil line and eat up the middle piston to point of sezuire. But it became unsezed within a few mins and still had good compression but of course down 15 psi. Pulled motor apart and only got one piston. Replaced cylinder and put engine back together. Well it blew a water line and motor ran hot but not for long. I was having to start and run for a few secs until I got back to land....tore engine apart again and it just barely started marking the pistons. Well now I'm just gonna order a top end kit.....but my crank still seems perfectly fine. No up and down play, idk about being true. Bearings roll perfect. It has more side to side play on the middle rod but nothing that would hit the crank or anything. Just more then the other two. Do I need to worry about the crank? The rods don't seem stretch or extra heated....I mean it's 189 dollars just to have someone check it....I'm trying to save money. I also had oil in the front cover with the timing gears. So I suppose I need new seals

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    Ok, as for oil in the front cover, it should have oil in there, and if you drain it you need to add some before use. The ultra engine injects oil for the 3 cylinders and the front and rear covers. Also you MUST put the right lines in the right places.
    How many hrs on it? Crank, if its smooth and no play is probably ok.
    Fresh or salt water operation? Pump bearings ever been checked?

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    Oh okay, I couldn't remember if the covers had oil in them last time I pulled it apart. I just pulled a yamaha apart and it's not the same way. Yea the lines were all right, only reason it broke was cause I pryed too much on the line and it cracked without me realizing it....150 hours on crank. But ran like a top before. All fresh water life, the pump bearings have been replaced. But I think it's time again. I'm gonna put motor back together and check piston to deck clearance to make sure none of the rods are stretched

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    I think think you're good to go. Never heard of rods stretching. After all, they're loaded in compression.

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