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    Opinion: looking at stage 1 05 RXP compared my RXT IS 255

    Just like it says, I have not rode a 255/260 rxp but I have lots of time on my 09 rxt IS. I think it is impressive but looking for something to jump and play around on more by myself. How much improvement is the stage 1, not in terms of speed but perceived quickness. Will I be let down compared to my RXT 255? Should I wait because money is a factor. I can get this 05 for 4K where an 12 and newer gets over 10k...that is the local market and by that standard this is a "deal"

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    Take it a run

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    a 05 rxp with a et127 wheel and 42lb injectors will "feel" like your rxt..

    i have a 04 rxp, and i love riding it as with my kids because its just "fun" you wont get that with the newer hulls. its hard to describe because as u get to a corner and lean into it with the older rxp hulls, its alot wetter ride etc.. but i always come off it grinning even though it feels incredibly slow to the newer ski's.. but its not the fastest hull or the best thing in the chop... for grin factor.. i love it.

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    Take it a run...would love to. I dont have the time to take it out, it's limited and difficult to get to where I ride. This RXP and the one I currently, I would have never purchased in the states. I would have run from the RXP except the head tech has done the work in rebuilding it. My guess is someone piss pounded it to the point it ingested water and the tech bought it for a song, fixed it and is now trying to unload it. Good guys, not very good English and do not give details in the way we are used to. But it is half price in a market that commands a premium.
    Fun factor is what I am looking for, running down yachts and jumping the wakes + making some turns at speed. I have little kids some my time is precious and more toward getting the kids hooked on the watersports so when we go home for the summer they are comfortable on the water.
    Looking for the "grin" factor for sure. Loved the XP limited but the 99spx had the grin factor. Parts are difficult to get in here so an old 2 stroke has been taken off the wish list.
    The RXP will hold up to some jumping in open water yeah?
    Still cannot get over how fast this big ole RXT IS is in a straight line, in the chop on the gulf it runs away from just about everything because of how well it sits in the water, fun but just HUGE. Would like to get a little aggressive all around.
    Thanks again

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