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    2012 rxp-x 260 drain plug question

    ive recently bought a 2012 rxp-x 260, after using her on the water and taking her in and washing her down im left with water sitting in the bottom of the hull that the drain plugs wont drain.

    problem seems to be that the drain plugs have a pipe coming off them to the strainers that sit in the bittom of the hull,the factory siphon system feeds from the strainers also, pipe from drain plug to strainer spur is approx 6" long from memory. but when I tip the ski up on the trailer and open the plugs the strainers are sitting higher than the bilge plug , so im left with a good bit of water sitting inside the hull. im tempted to remove the pipes from the back of the drain plugs and block off the spur from the strainer that runs to the drain plug, then when I tip the ski back on the trailer all the water inside will be removed from the hull, and less condensation inside when its lieing up not being used.

    has anyone done this to their own ski? good idea/ bad idea? looking for peoples thoughts on this before I go do it.

    I have a 1100gph bilge pump and ultrasonic switch to go in as well.

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    The factory drains are designed around those idiots that keep forgetting to tighten their drain plugs. This oem setup is designed to prevent the ski from sinking while owner is parking their car at ramps.

    I've plugged off the short hose that comes off the back of the black siphon pickup. Then leave the hose off the drain plugs. You can even drill out the small hole in the drain plugs to help a little more. It's still requires me to keep ski/trailer jacked up to fully drain. I may end up putting duck-bills...had them on my Blaster and they were awsome. However, I wouldn't trust those for leaving ski in water overnight...

    I ride pretty hard and think a bilge pump is not needed while riding (only for rare emergency). If you have more than 1qt of water in hull while out riding, something is wrong.

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    thanks for the reply, I think I will go ahead and remove the short pipes to the drain plugs and block of the bit on the strainer. I live 500meters from the slip I launch at and the ski isn't left on the water overnight, the water is getting inside when im washing the ski down, I use a coloured wash/wax on the outside and I can see it sitting down inside the hull after ive finished rinsing, when I tip it back on the trailer the water pools around the ibr motor , something im not overly happy about or impressed with. i hadn't considered drilling out the drain plugs to allow more water out, im not sure if id need to, i usually have her tipped up on the trailer for a good while while im rinsing it down and washing out the footwells, the small holes will probably be sufficient. as for the bilge pump, i never considered them until my gsx rfi sank on me after melting the plastic silencer before the outlet, lesson learned, i fitted the 1100gph pump , when i bought my 2005 rxp 215 first thing i done was fitted the pump as well, i have all my bits together to fit one to my 2012 rxpx now, don't think ill ever chance going without one now for the sake of 80 euro and a few hours work.

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    if you ever put the ski in the water with the plugs out, there are check balls in there that get stuck and prevent water from going in or out. youll have to knock it loose with a screw driver from the back if thats your problem

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