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    '11 RXT-X as 260 Storage Bin Removal


    I would like to remove the rear storage bin on the left and would like to make sure that there are no nuts attached to the bolts retaining the bin. I would like to avoid having them fall off when I unscrew them.

    Anyone able to help me with this? I know it sounds trivial but I prefer to play it safe...


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    No worries there, they are held captive by a rubber plug. They wont drop off. Don't over tighten when you put them back.

    You may be unlucky (if someone's been there before you and over tightened) that the nut turns free on the back side. If it does, just drill the bolt out from the top. A new bolt and nut/rubber bung costs nothing and you can't destroy anything. (Of course only drill as far as you have to, you never know how the hoses lay under there, but should have acres of room).

    straightforward job. Remember to remove back deck storage lid first (remove damper by unscrewing whole cylinder, this then allows lid to go beyond 90 degrees and will then just pop out of the plastic hinge. Make sure you're ready for it as it'll drop on the floor otherwise).


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    Great! thanks for the detailed reply. Much appreciated!

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