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    How many people can you pull on a tube behind a jet ski?

    Hey guys, i've been searching all over the place but i cant seem to find the answer. I got a 3 seater jet-ski, the Yamaha FX SVHO. I was wondering how many people i can pull behind it legally? Because the ski is a 3 seater, does it mean i can only have 1 person on the tube, or can i have 2 - 3 people on the tube? This is for colorado.

    thanks in advance

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    One. One spotter and one in the water. The total amount of people involved cannot exceed what the watercraft is rated for in passengers. So a 2 person ski cannot legally tow.

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    Here in Tennessee it could be 1 on the ski and 2 one the tube (with a 3 seater), as you dont have to have a spotter if you have mirrors.....

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    VA rules are: 2 seater - 1 person driving, 1 person in tow if ski has at least one mirror; 3 seater - 1 person driving with 2 people in tow if ski has at least one mirror or 1 person driving, 1 person as spotter, and 1 person in tow if no mirrors are equiped.

    So in short if you have mirrors 2

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    As many as you can fit on the tube and keep it above the waterline here, I regularly pull 2, 3 or 4 (depending on how many of the neighbors have their kids at the lake that weekend) behind my FZS no problem.

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