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    2006 GTX Limited - limp mode - oil pressure switches? HELP!!!

    Trying to work out an issue for a friend. I located this used ski for him and I feel bad that he's going through the problems he's having.

    2006 GTX Limited. 40 hours on it total. Supercharger has been rebuilt by Jerry 10 hours ago. Ski runs like a raped ape for hours, but ends each day (as best as my friend can tell me) with a "Sensor" warning on the dash and limited power. Basically just puts along. Shop told him "no codes" stored in ECM. Probably just overheating due to hard riding. Has been ridden most recently in so Cal ocean with water temps under 60 degrees. Any advice on where to start with this thing? He's at his wit's end and I want to help him get this thing back in order.

    I've been told to just change oil sensors (2 of them? Both pressure switches? One on front of motor and one at rear?) as a diagnostic measure since they are so cheap. Are both sensors the same part number? The parts diagram I've seen just shows one sensor (#30 in the parts image). Help me please!

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    the "two of them" does not apply to your model.

    have a look here to see where the advice on "both of them" comes from.

    Be responsible for your work, you cannot count on information being 100% accurate 100% of the time.

    The advice on two oil pressure senders applies to certain variants of the 4-tec line. You'll find them on 2003 models and likely up to 2005 if memory services, but even the captain isn't right 100% of the time. Just ask my cousin hazelwood about that....

    now it's not a half bad idea to measure the actual oil pressure.....

    the "sensor" issue is a red herring on some models, it's not an engine error at all.

    Have a good tech have a real look at your ecu codes . In the meantime, confirm the oil pressure with a gauge, change the sender and we'll see what the real problem is .

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    Download this..
    Page 40, check that out.. good diagnostics around them sensors..

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven mace View Post
    Download this..
    Page 40, check that out.. good diagnostics around them sensors..
    Thanks a bunch. I appreciate the direction.

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