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    I almost dumped my Polaris for a Sea-Doo...

    ...but I don't think I will. I went today and looked at a 95 Sea-Doo GTS that was $1000 with the trailer, but both were kinda rough (and there was about 2 inches of standing water in the hull. So anyway, I don't think I will pursue this further.

    A lot of the other skis I've looked at for that price range in my area have no trailer or are worn out. So I think I will stick with bringing the SLT 750 I got last year back from the dead. I got a 780 engine for it, as well as a good piston/jug/cylinder head and a good used crankshaft for it (one of the crank bearings was bad and the MAG piston was all beat up...still held 140psi of compression though. I hope

    I'll get online and order the engine gasket kit, thru hull fitting rebuild kit, and Mikuni carb kits. Also need to rebuild the pump...but fortunately there are great resources here on this site for guys like me who are just starting out.

    Anyway, I have posted here before, but this is my first in a while, so yeah...don't really know why I posted this, guess I just needed to talk. But feel free to post any words of wisdom or encouragement! Always appreciated!

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    They are great skis and were the first skis I bought new back in 95 (2-SLT750's) never gave me problems and
    run strong. I still have them today, 1 has been rebuilt after 310hours and the other is still running, all original
    except for triple fuel pump and thru hull bearing approaching 360hrs. We used them a lot when the family was
    younger, But, We don't use them as much any more because my boys are grown and wanted more power/speed
    so we went to the 1200's. The 750's are very stable and smooth on the water, and definitely worth fixing & keeping.

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