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    2010 SHO low oil pressure light !

    I have a customer that has a 2010 SHO FX, he said that while running his ski, he had a low oil pressure indication, the ski went into limp mode, he thought he could get back to ramp on limp mode but very soon the engine die and he could not get it to fire, would turn over but not start up.
    I inspected the ski and found a lot of oil in the hull. I removed the valve cover and could not get the cam to be in time with the #1 cylinder in TDC. I then removed the engine and saw that there was severe corrosion on the oil filter mating flange. With the engine out of the ski and with filter back on. I turn engine over in an attempt to get the cams aligned, not possible, gears had skipped. I notice that oil was leaking at the oil filter flange. Conclusion this was the root cause for his engine failure, engine starve of oil, cam tensioner uses oil PSI, with non it allowed chain to slack and jumped time.
    This is a very quick check but if you notice your flange wet with oil or if you can see corrosion at flange take care of it before major damage. I clean up the flange using a scotch bright wheel, red one. Note this is easy with engine out of hull, may be tricky with engine in hull. Bottom line oil in hull or low eng oil indication is a shut engine down NOW! Last picture is of flange clean of all corrosion, no more oil leaks!
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    That motor looks like it was never washed or cleaned............

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    Abuse and poor maintenance habits.

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    tensioner will not go slack when set as it has a worm screw inside which keeps it tensioned, more likely it has locked up the motor and jumed the timing. I would suggest new crank bearings and possibly rings before refitting the engine .

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    how many hours on that engine?

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    186 hrs . Engine is not locked up. While trouble shooting engine, in hull, I could not get it to crank up, turn but no fire. I took off the exhaust and then again try to get engine fire up, nothing, change out ECU, ground block nothing and at times you could see a little fire puff out form the 3 and 4 cylinder. Compression at that time was 100,105,100,101 PSI called Yamaha and they stated that that engine can have down to 78-80 PSI. Yes this ski live its life on a slip on the inter coastal water way, salt life. I'll change out all hose clamps, thermostat housing and will clean as much of the corrosion as possible before engine goes back into hull. I like to share weird anomalies so that others may learn.

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    check the pump bearings and liner as well.

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    Corrosion's cheap and your engine will look like new.....I'd shoot my self in the head if my maintained motor looks like that

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