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    New Engine compression seems Low

    I rebuilt a 1200 carbed engine over the winter and finally got to test it on the water today.
    it ran great, no issues or problems, took it slow for now because of the break in period.
    oil pump removed so I'm running pre-mix, when I got back I did a compression test just to
    see where I was and I got 120 across all cylinders. I have other rebuilt 1200 carbed skis with
    135-140psi across cylinders.

    So my questions: Is this low or is it too soon to tell, do the rings need more time to seat?
    Is 120 normal/average on a fresh rings?
    Re-used Pistons and cylinders both in great condition - cylinders honed.
    I ran the ski for about an hour.


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    My stock 1200s were all in that 120 to 130 range. If its running well I wouldn't worry about it.

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    the fact all three are really close together would seem to say all is well so far,try a different guage as well to see if it reads the same,seem like my mag cyl rehone and new piston/ring was a little lower for a little bit then came right up to the others

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