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    Hey i was in need of a ride took the ski out for the first time this year. Water was cold 45 degrees. But ski started fine and ran great but putting around the lagoons it over heated, light and horn came on pulled onto float let idle shut off waited turned back on it was fine. But again putting out to open water, horn and light slowed down then hit the throttle and it went away. No light and horn i have never had this issue. Could the thermostat be sticking? Also i have never ran the ski in such cold water. Help want to start the season off better than this. The skiis performance was great no issue with speed or jump out of the hole.
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    is it the motor or exhaust that's overheating? if it's the motor it's probably yout T-stat sticking closed. if it's the exhaust system then you probably got a plugged up water line.

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