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    Unhappy Ultra 250x Running very Rich.. HELP!!!

    Ok so I'm new to this forum but here's the back story.

    I have an 07 ultra 250x that has only 58 hrs on it and its been through hell and back. Literally. It has had a bunch of things go bad or wrong on it. but now the issue is that it is running too rich. By that I mean that it starts and drives (kinda rough in the lower RPM range, seems like it wants to shut off) it rides for 3-5 hrs on the lake then starts bogging down and shuts off. Check the spark plugs and they are black and coated in gasoline. We dry them out by taking a lighter and burn off the excess gas, pop them right in and bam it starts and works fine again for 3-5 hrs. That just repeats for the entire day. What is going on?? Any help would be appreciated. We had an earlier issue with not draining the water out one time and winter was much more brutal than expected so it all backed into the intercooler and there was this weird watery/oily beige slime that was leaking out of it. I flushed it all out. Worked prior to this perfectly. Now this happens. Anyways sorry for such a long rant. Any help/thoughts/advice is appreciated.

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    i would remove the intercooler and clean it out with gas and a hotwash, leave it sit for a day to drain out or aid with blowing air through it (dont disassemble) whilst its out check the supercharger spins freely loosen the belt and spin the idler pulley and the s/c pulley, if you can inspect the rotors of the charger to see if they are failing (peeling the coating off) use a mirror or inspection camera to look down the outlet snout. fog the charger whilst you are at it. replace the spark plugs with new plugs and coat with antiseize. the 250 did run rich but i think you need to perform what i have mentioned to ensure perfect air flow. also check the air intake trumpet is attached to the airbox and not flopping about. also sounds like you have a miss from a sh it spark plug.

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    compression test plz

    or do a cylinder balance test

    Sound like maybe a tight valve


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