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    ultra 250x offshore mods

    hi i have recently bought an ultra 250x with the view to racing it in this years aqua x series. i raced last year on a rxp 215 and discovered it really was not the ski for racing on the sea!!!

    are there any mods i can do the ultra to make it even better in choppy conditions? any recomendations on ride plate and intake grate combinations? i cant do anything to the power of the ski so its all about getting it running good through the chop.

    any help would be great. thanks

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    Hey Tomrice, there's a huge database logged here in the 6480 threads in this forum alone. You'll be able to find the info you're after with a quick search.

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    double bearing upgrade, change oil every 10 - 15 hrs, intercooler re-route mod, washers under seat, keep oil level slightly low, clean and check intercooler...

    This will be a better ski if you just focus on reliability and allowing more air into engine compartment.. There are modifications for supercharger but its going to ruin your life.

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    Update the pump to the double bearing setup, intake grate, ride plate, sponsons, steering, a seat cover and an air intake if you desire. that will keep you stock class legal in the 250 class.

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