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    F12X " Rear Main Seal " cost ....Dealer told me......l

    I've got both my F12X's at a dealer for the recall. He called and said the older ski ('04 with 110hrs) has an oil leak at the rear main seal (his words). He indicated it wasn't a major leak but while the engine is out did I want to fix it. He quoted $450 parts/labor. I told him to do it. My son hearing this called his local dealer and they "estimated" $500 to do that job with no mention of the recall. They even indicated they would have to pull the engine, remove the front oil tank, remove the oil pan, etc. Now I'm not sure who to believe but my local dealer has always been very honest w/ me even when asking if the ski's needed anything and I get the "change the oil, lube the fitting and ride it". Anyone have input on whether $450 is about right for this job while the engine is out? Thanks!

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    if the engine is already out for the recall they shouldn't be charging you labor to pull the motor out only the labor to change the seal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carguyshu View Post
    if the engine is already out for the recall they shouldn't be charging you labor to pull the motor out only the labor to change the seal.
    That's what I'm trying to ascertain if anyone knows how much time the seal replacement itself requires including the incremental work other than removing the engine - oil tank, oil pan, etc. Thanks.

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    You will have several hours replacing the seal. Engine gaskets will add up the cost quickly. Price sounds correct for an authorized Honda dealer with known quality work.


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    I sent you an email.


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    alittle late imput but thats a big job, if crank oil seal they have to split cases so $450 is ok for price when they have to take time to make sure everything is back together right, oil cooler, oil pump, bearings etc. not a fast gob to do at all,

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