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    Coolant under engine...hmmmm...

    Ok, I'm going to first start off by telling you that it got pretty cold this winter. Got down to about -51F here. I just went to check on my RXT to get her dewinterized and I found the entire coolant bottle empty. Im guessing the coolant froze then made its way out the clear overflow tube because of the expansion of ice. All of it was under my engine. OR...dun dun dun, The temps did some dirty work on my block or head?

    Now, last year, my coolant bottle was just a little low after winter had passed.

    Any input would be appreciated, has anyone ever seen any engine damage due to very cold temps? IE.. cracked block or warped anything?


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    I would check all of the hoses to and from the thermostat, especially the ones going to the ride plates. Those hoses are held on by cheesy clamps and coolant can easily escape from that area if the clamp moves or comes loose. The 3 seaters are popular for leaks in that area for some reason. (Been there) Also make sure the plastic pieces that screw into the ride plate that hold the hose is not cracked.

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