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    99 XL 1200 LTD Power Valve question

    I have a recently rebuilt 99 Xl 1200 ltd. I finally got it running quite well, just needs some fine tuning on the high and low adjusters. My question is about the powervalves. When I run the ski on the trailer out of the water, and go from idle to full throttle, the power valves kind of open and close for a second at mid range rpms and then go back closed at about 7K. Are they supposed to stay open after a certain RPM? or do they sense what RPM the motor is at and then close back up at a certain point? I replaced the servo during the rebuild because the old one was bad. Did I get another bad servo?

    Thanks for any help.

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    I know this is old but I believe I read recently that the 1200 powervalves close at rev limiter, the 1300s stay wide open

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