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Thread: Craigslist Fun

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    Craigslist Fun

    Oh this is too good. They REALLY maintained it.....

    Shuttle Craft Excursion with the 2004 Polaris Virage. Both are in great shape with minimal wear. The Polaris pushes the Excursion just fine - we are able to hit 32 mph with two people and 25 mph with 6 people. Great for bringing the entire family out on the water and still have the ability to use a PWC. The Polaris has been maliciously maintained on the mechanical side - every year it has been winterized, fittings greased (often more than once a year), and washed / waxed. The only thing I can think of at the time is the fuel gauge goes out from time to time and the reverse gate needs replaced (I have the part ordered and am going to replace when it arrives.) The only reason for selling is that we just don't use it as much as we would like.

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    LMAO I've come across a few skis through the years where maintenance was very malicious.

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    not as funny as the guy trying to sell two ZERO HOUR 2008 wakes for what he paid for them...$22k

    there is this thing called depreciation......

    and something else called rust

    and rubber parts do not exist on the event horizon either.

    I made him a fair offer..lets see what his response will be.....

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    I email that guy and asked if he would sell the Excursion by itself.... Sure he said $4500.00.

    I am looking for a shuttle craft but not for $4500.

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    Those stated speeds seem low. Granted, 6 folks is a full load... but is 25mph even on-plane? Must be the tri-hull style of the craft...

    My Rio with the same engine (1200 carby) and a craft at least as large... does 50mph (~45mph with a load of adults). But it's got a normal single v-hull.

    I always liked the idea of the Shuttlecraft. I wonder if you have to register each part separately?

    Did they make mating grooves for the MSX hull?


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