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    I only have one hair left - PLEASE HELP WITH IDEAS!

    Hello everyone, I really hope that someone might be able to offer me some advice.

    Background... I have a Wave Venture with the 701c engine by SBT. I purchased the engine last fall, and paid someone to put the motor in for me, and rebuild my carbs. I checked over what they did, but the ski would not go past half throttle no matter what I did. It would plane off, and do fine at half throttle, and occasionally it would surge a little, but only in the water. When I would rev it up on land, it would seem like it was trying, but rrrrrrRRRRRrrrRRrrRrrrrRRRRrrrRRrrrrRRRrrRrrRrrrrR RrrrrRRrr and would not go rev up at all.

    So I did what any good tinkerer would do, and I went to SBT and talked to the techs, purchased the most likely parts (two new carb kits) and got busy. One carb had been rebuilt, one, not so much. It looked like it was the same one, and it has the same stamps, but it was clearly not as well taken care of. I took them both down, and carefully checked all of my passages, cleaned cleaned and cleaned, then put new jets in, new gaskets and diaphragms, and took my air screws out and inspected, cleaned and put them back in. Everything is pretty, neat, and all carefully done.

    So I put them back in the ski, started it up, and YIPPEE it ran like SHIT.

    Same deal, it goes to about half throttle, and then just bogs down and uneven revving. I set the lower air screw to 7/8 and it works great. Nice smooth idle, easy to run. For the High Speed jets, I turned them to 7/8 and 1, then to 1 1/8 and 1 1/2, and then I jsut started at the closed and gradually ran them out 1/4 turn at a time. Nothing, at about 1 turn the revving smoothed out a little, but it still did it. I was going to try it in the water, and might in a few minutes, but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas that might help.

    I've thought of the coil, but not sure how to test it. I thought of the plugs but they are brand new and I used a spark tester to make sure they were firing. The battery is brand new and fully up.

    In the water, it runs pretty well, but I only have about 1/2 of my throttle and after that it just bogs down and refuses to go faster.

    ON a wave venture, does it have a limiter somewhere? Is there something that I can look at and stop jerking my own hair out in frustration?

    Any help would be appreciated, more than you know.
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    both low speed screws should be set to 5/8 +/-1/4, mag carb high set at 5/8 +/- 1/4, pto carb high set at 1 1/8 +/- 1/4. Start there, but check compression. Could also be your heat sensor. Also, the 701 62t only has one fuel pump, if yours has 2, the carbs are mismatched.

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    Not a mechanic or know anything about wave ventures but is there any errors showing up on a display if it even has one.?

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    Doesn't have a display. Today I checked the baffles int he exhaust, as well as pulled the reed valves and checked them. I'm going to make sure that one is one and the last guy working on it didn't mix up the throttle bodies.

    Temp sensor is next.

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    Thought about stator, but also thought about coil.

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    first thing first, COMPRESSION TEST!!!

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    the rev limiter in the CDI could be giving trouble...not likely, but it has happened before.

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