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    OEM Seadoo parts vs Aftermarket SBT or others

    Hi, Just wondering if there is a major quality difference between the oem seadoo parts vs an SBT or other aftermarket parts you find on ebay. I know probably some parts are made equally and others there is probably a big difference.

    I'm talking about...

    PTO and other gaskets
    Oil pump screens
    Oil pump rebuild kits
    Main and rod bearings..


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    Things like gaskets you will be fine using the Chinese knockoff parts, but things like bearings and oil pump components no way. Go with the OEM seadoo pieces.

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    SBT gaskets are not of oem quality, but they may work-- my knowledge comes from their 2 stroke product line they offer-- different material, don't seal, different thickness, don't typically line up correctly are the short comings I have personally seen. Seadoo spares no expense on their gaskets-- they are the best. SBT pistons are very good, but the ring end gaps are ALL OVER THE MAP, their wrist pin bearings are very good and have not had ANY wrist pin bearing failures from their bearing or quality of. I personally would trust GOOD used oem bearings on the 4 tech before using free SBT bearings-- too much risk for me personally. If you want new or think you need new, oem would be my recommendation. Just my findings. I have nothing good to say about WSM (2 stroke), but have not tried any of their 4 tech offerings.

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