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    Exhaust Question

    Hey yall,
    Just got a 04 XLT and after have a super super fun time removing the exhaust , I got to thinking and researching. Is there any kits or a DIY where you can scrap that amazing exhaust system?

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    I made my own exhaust system for my fzr, not sure what you're system is like but I got a selection of 90 and45 degree bends and the same in silcone hoses and just made it by trying what fitted

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    The oem pipe performs the best. Put a D plate in there and use it. Its a pain to install, but once its done you are set. Loctite the mounting bolts and use a torque wrench

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    Alrighty, figured I would be stuck with it lol. Yea im ordering that once I get closer to finishing up motor build.

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    Your first time removing the stock exhaust will be a hastle, but it is easy for someone who has done it a few times. There are no exhaust systems better than the stock except a tripple pipe setup and you do not want the hastle of the maintence and all the other mods it would take to run it. Stick withe the stock exhaust, removing it will become easier for you.

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    Been doing more research and found a kit called Riva Stinger 3. It seems that its not great for a top speed gain but is a substitute for the massive system. Just wondering if anyone has actually ran it (not read a post on it) and the plus and/or minuses it brought. Also thinking that the system is not produced anymore, is that correct?
    Thanks yall

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