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    Kawasaki 1100stx crankcase with 900zxi crankcase HELP

    So I bought a 97 Kawasaki 1100stx with a seized engine. The guy I bought it off gave me a crankcase with the ski, since the original one had a hole on the side from the rod. When we started building the engine we found out that the crankcase he gave me belongs to a 900zxi since the pistons would bump on top of the crankcase when we tried to turn the engine. So my first question is can I just buy the upper crankcase of a 1100 and use it on the 900 lower crankcaae without having any issues when I turn on the engine?
    Second question is that I know a guy that just has the lower crankcase of the 1100, so can I buy the upper crankcase of the 1100 and not have issues afterward. Someone told me that it's not good to swap crankcases that i should buy the original set. Is that true?

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    You can not mix and match case halves. They are machined as a unit. You will need to find a new crank case set.

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    years ago we used to bore out the top of the crankcases on snowmobile engines to accept larger pistons & cylinders, if you know someone who works with this equipment you can try that, otherwise it may be cheaper just to find a good 1100 crankcase.

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