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    Gp1300r stored for many years, very low hours, test drive har fault code help !

    just put my hands on a 2006 gp1300r that have been stored for many years.
    it only have 17 hours on the clock.
    it starts on button directly and sounds running very good.
    The impeller and wear ring was replaced by the dealer as it had stucked up after storage.

    Is there something i should look over after this long time in storage and very litle use?

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    If the underneath looks good, I'd drain the old fuel out and put new fuel in then water test it. It should run about 65 mph (105 kph) on a GPS. If that goes well, I'd find out if the ski has a cat converter or not. U.S. models have a cat, most others don't. If it has one you can ride it like that, but most people change to a D-plate and remove the cat the first time the pipe is off...or if the cat fails, which is pretty common. Other than that, ride and enjoy. Read/search through this forum if you want to go faster or have any issues. The first aftermarket performance piece should be an intake grate due to handling issues above 65mph with the stock one. Welcome!

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    65 bone stock? That's hopeful!

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    Yeah it looks allmost like new, just litle scratches from trailer.
    has had many gp1300r before but no one with that low hours.
    was just thinking of any problems that can come under long storage.
    oil lines, gaskets, seals etc?

    Yeah it will be a new grate and hopefully a jims plate

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    Nothing really to worry about except old gas and dead batteries. Make sure the oil tank has oil, put in new fuel, make sure the battery is ok and give her a test ride. One other small thing is make sure the bilge pump comes on, works properly and is not seized.

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    First water test today!
    Just after i put the ski in water and start it shows engine Light with fault code 15.
    I've understand it is engine temp sensor.
    Slut it down and tryed start it again and it ran good 10-15 seconds then engine light comes om again and the engine sounds different then dies.

    I tryed a few Times more but after 10-15 secs the light comes om again.
    Then i gave up and headed to the trailer and the light doesent came up!?
    After that the ski ran realy realy good and pulled strong.

    Should i look over the engine temp sensor anyway?
    The ski has as said been in storage for many years with only 17hours (GP1300R -06)

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    Was water coming out of ALL the right holes???

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    Yes it was!
    It ran very good with no problems and warning light.
    Just worried If I need to change the sensor or If it is because it was stored that long timme.

    The warning came just after i put the ski in water so the engine was still cold , after i tryed a few times to start the light didnt Come and it ran as it Should.

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    Anyone who know where to buy a new engine temp sensor for gp1300r?

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    Not sure if it was stored indoors or out but the temp sensor usually isn't the problem. Rather, its the catalytic converter.

    If it was stored in a place where it gets real hot like like Texas summers, the CC could have cracked. Its made out of brittle material. The broken parts of it hit the sensor and throw off the temp reading. That catalytic converter alone costs over $1200. You could put a d plate in place of the CC but then you cant ride at most federal managed parks, lakes and rivers
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