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    Windy Day Pictures

    It was a cool, drizzly and windy day yesterday so no fishing for me on the jet ski (though I will be out tomorrow looking for more Tautog) I took some time in between showers to get a couple pictures around my house.

    I was fortunate to get a couple pictures of this Carolina Chickadee bring nesting material to this bird house that my sister made for me, it is on my dock.

    Bald Eagle flying over my back yard.

    Osprey and Bald Eagle going at it far off in my back yard.

    Osprey having lunch in my front yard.

    One Osprey having lunch while the other is having dessert.

    Some Mergansers in my back yard.

    A far off Kingfisher waiting patiently.

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    Thats quite an amazing back yard you have. Awesome.

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