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    Basic need to know info 98 785 pro

    I'm looking to purchase a very nice 785 pro. Cosmetic the ski is real clean, and the owner said it runs real good, would need the carbs adjusted/jetted since the ski is tuned for 6000ft elevation. He had the ski for 3 years and put about 30 hours on it, and replaced the Multifunction display, and pump stator in that time. What do I need to look out for on these, anything major that goes wrong?

    What should the compression?

    Thanks paul

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    Compression should be around the 130ish range with stock head.

    Remove the spark plugs and roll the crank over by hand. (remove the plastic cover) You're looking for a gritty feeling while spinning. Possible bad bearings in crank or jet pump.

    Start and run the engine briefly. Note if all 3 exh valves open simultaneously

    Other then that, you really need to ride the ski. These are very expensive skis to repair so proceed with caution without riding.

    Some yeras are prone to water ingestion if removed from the water on a steep ramp. (water can run from the collector back into the engine) I believe thay year is included.
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