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    Only One Plug Firing


    Summer is coming and I started working on my 2006 RXP. I have an issue where only the 1st cylinder is firing. I have rotated all my coils and they work in the first cylinder only. I have hooked up my Candoo system and they all fire when I give it a signal through the program. I have replaced the ECU and the MPEM. Is there anything left to replace.

    Does any any one have any suggestions.

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    new spark plugs in the 2 that are not firing?

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    I replaced the plugs, but no change.

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    Did you check the wires between the coils and the mpem/ecu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hotbird View Post
    Did you check the wires between the coils and the mpem/ecu?
    If they fire when the candoo sends the signal, the wires are fine.

    I wonder if its as simple as the throttle position sensor not seeing the throttle closed. Does it actually start and run on 1 cylinder? Is there a little slack in the throttle cable at the TB? Does the throttle move freely at the TB?

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    It does not start. I will check the throttle position sensor.

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    Are there any other faults? Reason I ask is that on my bench top 4TEC emulator (basically an engineering stand that I use to mimic an engine running while doing testing) if the ECU does not have sync between the CPS and the CAPS, then it only fires the 1st plug. But it throws an error for the camshaft signal.

    Check if you have any other faults.

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    Last year when I was riding, the plastic cover that shows the timing marks on the cam came loose and my engine shut off. I had a slew of codes. I removed the engine and removed all the bits of plastic but I am can't get more than one cylinder to spark. I tried to retrieve my error codes but the trace file was deleted. Thus I don't have the codes any more. Is there a way to resync it.

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