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    Impeller sound and check engine light

    Just changed the impeller and wear ring before taking the spark out of winter storage. First time i have changed an impeller and wear ring. The impeller was a solas 12/17 and a riva racing stainless steal ring. I lubericated the surface area of the wear ring with grease so it should all run smooth the first start up... Hit the start button and a horrible noice came from the impelle it also seemed to jump up and down more than normal, like the drive shaft was bent(?). Have no idea if its normal or not... What should i do if its not normal? Also the engine wont start... Before winter we left it at the dealer to do a full service. Any suggestions?? Heres some pics and videos of the check engine light, impeller and wear rin clearance and the horrible noise...:

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    The impeller to wear ring sounds fine to me, I have a Solas 12/17 and Rive SS wear ring, that chatter is scary if you do not know how it sounds out of water with SS (Steel against steel).

    Did your dealer Fog as part of the service? it sounds like you are not getting spark to me.

    Good Luck!

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    Sounds fine!? Really?? I was sooo freaked out by the sound... I also thought it maybe would sound a little better in water. I only think the dealer changed oil and oil filter... When you say that the plugs isnt sparking, i guess i have to change them? Which spark plugs will fit in the spark? Kinda hard to search for "seadoo spark spark plugs" on ebay...

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    Hi Patrick,

    You can find everything that you need here


    I am just guessing that the plugs could not be sparking because you said the dealer worked on it was in winter storage. In any event unless you have the tool to check the ecm I would take it to the dealer, are you still under warranty?

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    Impeller sound and check engine light

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