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    2007 rxp modding first things first 08 mid pipe

    Hey guys, I'm stuck read page upon page, just about to start modding my stock rxp 07 and first was going to put in a free flow pipe, then I stumble on a few people have bought 08 mid pipe? My question is why ?where from and for what purpose?

    any info or suggestions or parts please contact me!!

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    Flows better , and isnt prone to leaking the like jpipe . Try ebay and see go you can pick up a used one for cheap . If not use the GH store

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    Ahh so it's not the free flow equivalent ?! Is Riva the only people to make them?

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    Also what 2008 ski do I want the exhaust from?

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    The free flow is the peice riva sells is the pipe that deletes the black resonator and joined the rubber exit hose to the hull fitting in the pump tunnel . And all the 2008 and supercharged skis should share the same midpipe . You will need the 08 and up style waterbox to

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