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    MSX 150 (PRECISION SPORT CONVERSION) wont rev in water

    ive heard from the owner of my old precision sports big turbo/ecu MSX150.

    it suffered from a spun con-rod bearing after an oil change.

    anyhow new crank and rods later skis back together and owners contacted me saying it runs perfect on trailer, but wont rev in water.

    I asked him if hes done the ppu/throttle calibrate sweep. he didn't have a clue about that, nor can I remember process of doing it. !

    would he have the two map sensor plugs round the wrong way?



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    Hey Spence... sorry to hear about your ole rig.

    Did owner give a specific RPM that it won't rev past?

    3400... would be possible Reverse switch/SIFB issue.

    The ETB Sweep Relearn procedure is as follows:
    With engine off, lanyard out, system powered down... insert lanyard, then tap the starter button (do not start it) to power up the system (dash will come on)... next slowly squeeze the throttle trigger to WOT... hold for 2 secs... then slowly let it out to zero... wait 2 secs... (repeat squeeze/pause/release/pause part 2 more times)... then pull lanyard and let system power down (takes a minute or so)... done.

    Mixing up the MAP sensor connectors is possible, but I'm not possible of the outcome of that. The 4-wire connector is on the hardpipe... the 3 wire connector is on the front side of the intake.


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    thanks ripcuda

    when I hear back from him ill get specific rpms.

    its possible about the reverse switch.

    just hope the ecu isn't locked into any safe modes.

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    Swapping the map sensor plugs will result in sputtering and poping and won't rev.

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