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    Help! I can turn the impeller on my Compressor by hand, should that be possible?

    i was outside today to do some maintenence on my sedoo, before i am gonna take it to the shore.
    And i was just looking over the compressor, and i noticed that I can turn the impeller on my Compressor by hand, should that even be possible? My compressor got 60 hours left. And the compressor is rebuilt with the 200 hours kit.
    should it even be possible to turn the copressor by hand?

    Best regards stein .

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    How easy is it to turn???does it spin freely or is there some resistance to it..if its spins freely then you have lost something in the clutch assembly and needs to be pulled NOT start that ski till you pull the SCer and see what,if anything is still intact..

    And FYI...These kits are not meant to go 200 hours...Seadoo uses that as a selling point....The bearing and clutches are still liable to go out as the bearings are still the same ol bearing they have used for the last how many years....100 hours is the max i would go on any STOCK Scer between rebuilds...

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    No it does not spinn freely, and it is resistance when i try to turne it. I have to use some strenght to turne it, is this normal? and i have not noticed anything on the performance on the Ski, the rpm is solid on 8120rpm.
    the compressor has gone tru the 100 hours sc rebuild. And swaped out with metal washers. The local seadoo repair store wrote to me that i could run 200 hours more on the sc with the new metal washers.
    i am gonna take i out today. And post back to you snoman! ���� thanks allot for fast respond!

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    You bet brother...Yeah Seadoo now presents thier new kits as 200 hour kits...Which isnt right..BUT hey,its thier kits so i guess they can sell them as they please.BUT anyway seeing it has resistance, and a good bit of it it should be ok,I would pull it and check/set the slip anyway...

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    Will do! Gonna take the sc to the local shop tomorow
    Thanks for good info!
    Il hope the sc is in good shape!
    Thanks again!
    Il be back with info


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