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    Trailer on soft sand.

    Hi guys, just getting my ski back together and ready for the first outing.

    I just wanted to ask if anybody had any advice for pushing your skis on your trailers on soft sand.

    The reason I ask is where I take mine there is a concrete ramp but you have to ride around a pier to get to the beach front where your allowed to use your ski, now sometimes I tend to go out with a good friend of mine wakeskating but with only my ski so it's always in the back of my mind " what if I brake down!" As there is no way I could swim with the ski back around the pier! I could get it to shore no problem as we ride right next to the beach but it's soft loose sand! So dont think we could push / pull a trailer on that type of sand loaded with a 3 seater 4 tec ski! Does anybody else have to battle with this kind of problem and if so how do you do it? Thanks jamie

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    I will say dont air your trailer tires down, its really easy to have the tire bead come off the wheel, learned that one the hard way.


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    what I do is pick up speed before the soft sand and maintain it until I reach wet sand on the beach. I load the jet and use the wet sand to pick up speed (ie over 15mph) again and enter soft sand with that speed. If u stop on soft sand chances of start moving again with loaded trailer are very little.

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    momentum is your pal in soft sand. Just ask the guys that get stuck around here with a two ton army truck.

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