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    Vtech info needed

    Who has the best price on a vtech tuner ? Discounts? I have already had a tune put in my spark but I would like the diagnostic abilities. I am also looking for the map # which has the stock 90hp sport map as the touring map and the 110hp as the sport map. Whatever the vtech touring map is with the long lag before it goes is absurd/useless. Its just annoying to have to keep switching to sport every time I start the machine . So if the touring map is at least the 90hp map it would be cool. Heck even if both maps were the 110hp Id be happy.
    thanks for any info.

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    E mail the guys with ur user name and hin#

    ask if available , last time i checked it wasn't

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    Good luck to get them to answer phones or emails.

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    Give us 1 week to clear back log. We will have the server optimized again in next few days.

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    I see there is something called a candoo pro . How does that device compare to the vtech module for abilities? It lookes like they a priced about the same. I have no intention of reprogramming my other spark as its a 90hp already. I just want diagnostic abilities and to see parameters . Hopefully there are some some who have experience with both systems can chime in.
    Thanks again.

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    Candoo is more a service tool similar to the Brp buds

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    Quote Originally Posted by petestrob View Post
    Good luck to get them to answer phones or emails.
    call as early as possible as we are in sweden!

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    So can the vtech hardware/software connect directly to a laptop and show trouble codes and all engine parameters in real time? Or is it just for installing maps? I found the web sites for the BUDS system and Candoo Pro . There seems to be a dizzying array of options that are not very clear on what you need to buy and what it all can perform. They keep talking about the dess ystems 4tech /etech but not much of anything on the 900 ace engines.

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