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    new to pwc need some input

    I hope I am not posting this in the wrong section. So I am kinda new to 2stroke motors esp pwc. Here is my issue I have a 01 gp1200r Just bought it a month ago thought I got good deal at 2200. everything checked out had great comp. ran awesome on the lake. So finally took it out to the beach and spun a rod. I killed it right away. And I tore it down I have to get a crank and rods. Most likely sbt they are close to me. I have one jug that the alumn. ears looks ate away some ( not the cyl that spun) the one that spun a bearing has some decent scratches. I have been told the sleeves are nikasil plated. So my question is can I have them bored and honed to bigger pistons and not worry about the nikasil. But I am pretty sure they will need resleeved. I know sbt sells them without it and I would rather do all the work myself and save some $$ and Keep my pride.
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    If you have pictures of what looks damaged we will be able to better guide you in the right direction. Jugs (cylinders) can usually be fixed 2 ways. The first way is to bore them out and then install a steel sleeve to bring the cyl back to the desired dimentions. The second is to weld (if needed) any deep scratches or missing material, then bore and replate the cylinder. Both methods can be used to make the bore bigger and install larger pistons. The replating method yields better performance results and longevity, but the sleeve method is cheaper and can be bored later on if another repair is needed. You can also try to find good used replacement cyls in the classified section of this forum. Make sure you understand why and what caused the failure or its bound to happen again quickly.
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    I will get some pictures tonight. I'm pretty sure carb failure is the problem going to rebuild those as well. I have looked for some decent jugs but the ones I found guys want around 200 each for used that's kinda steep for used

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    Well I didn't get any daylight time to get good pics today. But I did run the jugs by a machine shop and as I thought they need redone. So wifey gave me permission to just buy a motor with warranty from sbt. They are local for me and the warranty seems nice. I don't know if they will let me up the size( I'm calling them in the am) But what all is needed to use the 1300 longblock. I am pretty sure carbs will need to be jetted. If so anyone know the size of the jet and if that's the only mod to make it work. Thanks for the help guys

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    Search OsideBill and WFO for the carb info.Not gonna get a lot of positve feedback here about SBT.

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