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    '99 GTX LTD No spark

    Hey guys. A bit of a odd situation here. I have a new to me 1999 GTX LTD. When I got it, I knew that the info gauge did not work. When I pulled off the connector for the front wiring harness, I noticed that there was some corrosion inside. Upon further inspection, I have noticed that two pins are also missing. I took apart the plug to replace the female connectors and replaced them with new ones. I plugged all the wires back into their spots. The gauges still don't work (makes sense as two pins are missing from corrosion) but whats weird is that there is now no spark. All fuses are good and the other two plugs have no corrosion. Does the seadoo need to talk to the info gauges/ heat alarm in order to send spark to the coils or is this a coincidental issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    The guage doesn't need to work to have spark. I would check to see of the coils are in good condition in the rear electrical box.

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