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    2004 fx ho cruiser oil leak from just sitting there over winter. where are oil lines?

    About 1/4 of a quart oil in hull. After sitting there for winter. Hull dry and oil free before storage. Properly winterized. I notice oil as well in hull after riding for the day. Used only in fresh water and stored in Austin, so it gets cold but not bitter for long periods. . Oil filter is new, not leaking and no oil from air filter. My bezt guess is oil leak from oil lines or a clamp has come off. Where are the most common oil leaks from hoses? Keep in mind, less oil when sitting,more oil when riding. Is there an oil seal on a shaft or screw?

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    There aren't really any lines but there are several places it could be leaking. I just pulled my 2004 HO engine from my SUV to fix an oil leak. You can probably clean your engine around the gear reduction housing and since it leaks when sitting, you may be able to find the source with an inspection mirror. First, there are two aluminum sleeves with two o-rings each between the oil cooler and gear reduction housing. Then there's the large o-ring for the gear reduction housing, as well as the metal gasket between the oil pump and gear reduction housing. There's also a drain plug that people have found leaking.

    Turns out in my case the top most bolt on the gear reduction housing goes through to the crank case and needs thread sealant on it. When I pulled that bolt, the whole length of it was covered with oil. It was leaking round the outside of the gear reduction housing o-ring and out the bottom. Mine didn't leak into the hull when sitting but after a few times riding it would have an oily residue in the bilge. Good luck finding the source. In your FX hull you might be able to get at it by moving the engine forward but I had to pull mine since the SUV engine compartment is so much smaller.

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