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    2011 Yamaha wave-runner vx sport/1100cc

    I'm looking to buy a 2011 Yamaha wave-runner vx sport/1100cc 4-stroke with 900 hours on it... It is from a rental fleet company, they want around $1500 for it. Is this a good buy or worth the money? If I purchased this how much more life expectancy should I see out of this jet ski?

    I have been told, from the seller that "
    It runs great. There are no mechanical issues with it. There are some cracks in the fiberglass on the top. It's cosmetic so you can put it in the water and use it now and it doesn't take on water."

    It has been been in salt water but kept on a dry dock out of the water. What are some questions I should ask the dealer if this is worth the buy, seeing as this would be the first waverunner I've ever owned. Advice is much appreciated, thank you.

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    There are Pros & Cons with buying a used ski .... especially a used rental ski. The pros are a late model (2011), normally good & regular maintenance performed. Cons high time & rough use of the ski. 900 hours is high time on 2011 ( again a rental draw back). The price reflects this @ a move-it price of $1500. I say do a test ride, and compression check. If good buy it and enjoy the season. If it comes with a trailer & runs, it is a no brainer. Good Luck

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    Ok thank you! I just need it for the season!

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    I think the biggest issues are a compression test and test-ride. Pay particular attention to the top should at least break 50 on the dash, maybe even 55. If it's slow off the line or not hitting much past 45 you've probably got some pump wear, likely to the impeller or wear ring. At $1500 for a dependable 4 stroke I doubt you can do too bad on the deal.

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