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    96 seadoo spx hard cranking

    • I recently purchased a 96 seadoo spx with the 717 motor. I tried to start it but it had a very hard time cranking. I pulled the plugs and it spun over fine, and after looking inside the spark plug hole I saw what I thought was a pool of oil. I did some research and saw that it's common for the crank seals to go bad and to crank the engine to get the oil out of the cylinders. I cranked it a few times and no oil shot out of it, just a misting of oil came out. I replaced the plugs and still the same issue. So I pulled the cover off after looking in the plug hole to still see what I again thought was a pool. There was only a coating of oil on the cylinders not a pool. Now if the crankcase was filled with oil would I be getting a lot more coming out when I crank it? Lastly, should I pull the starter and rebuild it, because now I'm leaning towards the starter being bad.

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    The brushes are probably worn in the starter. You cn get a new sbt starter for like 100 bucks, thats what i run in my 97 spx limited with zero issues.

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