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    Help me!!! New To Jet skis! Need Advice plz!

    I'm looking to buy a 2011 Yamaha wave-runner vx sport/1100cc 4-stroke with 900 hours on it... It is from a rental fleet company, they want around $1500 for it. Is this a good buy or worth the money? If I purchased this how much more life expectancy should I see out of this jet ski?

    I have been told, from the seller that "
    It runs great. There are no mechanical issues with it. There are some cracks in the fiberglass on the top. It's cosmetic so you can put it in the water and use it now and it doesn't take on water."

    It has been been in salt water but kept on a dry dock out of the water. What are some questions I should ask the dealer if this is worth the buy, seeing as this would be the first waverunner I've ever owned. Advice is much appreciated, thank you.

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    If you are looking for opinions, I will start. The VX is a great ski that is known for it's class leading reliability but remember that everybody and their brother has beat on that ski for 900 hours. That's good on one hand (proves reliability) but...

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    My 2012 VX deluxe has 160 hours and no problems but I also take care of it. I've seen what people do to rentals here and I wouldn't want them. Members have posted seeing rentals with 2,000 hours and still running. That's nice they dry docked it but did they flush it out. The salt eats away at stuff even when dry. That's why guys flush and rinse them down after a salt ride. Second thought... why would they sell it if it's in good running shape and put out the money for a new one for people to beat on? I'd pass and look for another.

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    As someone that know business since my family owns its own and has a fleet of vehicles. Just because we sell or trade on in for a new one does not mean its because the vehicle is crap. Much of it has to do with writing off the value and then buying new to get the tax break. Also in a rental fleet having newer units helps sales. When is the last time you rented a car most are one or two years old MAX, unless you are at a really low end rental place.

    $1500 really is not that much coin, have you looked at the inside of the ski? any signs of rust/corrosion.
    I know down here in FL they take decent care of them at most places since its how they make $$ and letting them get eaten by salt just throws money away. And you can usually be sure they have been properly oil changed and not just sitting around rotting inside like some old low hour units.

    Sometimes a higher hour unit when they are older is better than a low one from the fact that it was actually used often. If you let a ski sit for a long time and not properly store it then it can be much worse on the motor.

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    Thanks so much, all these replies have helped in my decision to purchase. I think I'm just looking for something to ride for the season that's not to old. I am in FL and the fleet seems to be well taken care of. I'm sorry if I posted nervous of times I am new to this site. Posting it confusing to me right now. Thanks for again, for the replies.

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