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    Video: Jean-Baptiste Botti Earns Karujet Championship

    There appears to be no stopping Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Botti in his drive towards world domination. Last October, Botti pushed back many of the world’s finest to earn the coveted Pro Runabout Open IJSBA World Championship. Only two months ago, Botti – together with Jean Bruno Pastorello – took the checkered flag at the 11th annual Mark Hahn Memorial Havasu 300. Now, as it to hammer in the final nail into the coffin, Botti has just claimed the championship in the 18th running of the Karujet in Guadeloupe.

    Considered the toughest offshore race in the world, the Porto Vecchio native finally stood atop the podium after his fifth attempt at the Karujet. Botti’s overall score only came after a hotly contested win Stage V and a fourth place finish in the final stage. “After winning stage 5 and seeing that Alex had a problem I just took it easy the whole way,” Botti told the UIM in an interview, “I knew I just needed to finish the final stage with a decent time, so I didn’t risk any trouble out there. Happy, very happy.”

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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