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    2014 FZR Light mod

    Hi, Iím quite fresh into this mod world.
    I'm going to get the Riva SCOM on my stock FZR. I'm also looking at the Solas 13/20 impeller, is it worth to get for a stock ski with only SCOM? I will not mod the ski beyond the warranty, and Iím from Norway so itís not so easy to get someone to pitch the stock impeller. Is there any more easy mods that you guys recommend without breaking the warenty? And what speed could I look for after installing it.

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    The following are some good mods that will get you around the 75mph mark and shouldn't void warranty.
    All can be purchase through the online store
    Riva scom
    r&d intake grate
    power filter
    pump seal kit
    ribbon delete
    foam delete
    solas 13/20
    ride plate.

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