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    2008+ exhaust clamp

    I'm swapping over to a 2008+ midpipe from a J pipe and need a bit of help.

    can somebody with a 2008+ clamp please tell me at the numbers stamped on the clamp or better yet a picture if possible?

    theses are not the seadoo part number but the manufacture markings.

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    use the brp parts catalog at the top of this page
    been there, dont bother looking for a aftermarket clamp
    the price difference is not worth the hassel (too many differant clmps)
    just use the brp clamp and you will have the right clamp
    the clamp looks just like the older clamp but the V is wider on the newer clamp

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    Yes, I'm planning on using Oem. I bought a used one with the right part number off ebay but what I received looks identical to the one I already have. The guy I bought if from has more then one so I'm trying to give him the numbers to find the right one.

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    as I said they look very similar
    just the V is different

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    so I went out to the garage and put a set of calipers on the V- they are both the same.

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    For the next person looking, there may be other manufacturer numbers also but the Seadoo OEM part has this manufacturers part number- 996yL 0396 C13

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