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    1995 SLT 750 does not rev smoothly, rev limiter?

    Hi I have a 95 slt750 fugi motor just cleaned and rebuilt carbs new filters new fuel lines cleaned fuel tank out runs great on idel you can Rev it up sounds great but when you hold the throttle wide open its boggs down sounds like it's hitting a Rev limiter missing or losing fuel but I performed a spark test brand new plugs getting plenty of spark and has a new fuel pump all hoses are brand new vent lines and all any thoughts I have never messed with adjustment screws on carbs

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    1995 slt 750 rebuilt everything on fuel system and still bogs down at wot new spark plugs to getting plenty of spark any thoughts runs great at idel you can even Rev it up just can't hold throttle open

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    Does this machine have a working MFD display? If so, what RPM is showing in tachometer mode?

    Are there any warning messages on the display?

    Is this revving problem happening in the water or on the trailer?

    Is this machine new to you? Did it ever run properly for you?

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    Hi - Your problem sounds much like the one I just had. Did you check pop off pressure after the carb rebuilds?

    Reason I ask - I did not do this check & much to my chagrin I had installed a pop off spring incorrectly. It wasn't popping off at all! Lucky I didn't fry that piston.

    I recommend opening the carbs back up if you aren't sure of the pop off status. I am glad I did.

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