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    Polaris Impellers

    Not to be insulting, but anyone here smart on Polaris impellers?
    I have a project where I adapt the Polaris pumps and impellers to suit the standups I ride. A lot of the Polaris impellers I'm getting are not pitch to what the part numbers indicate they should be. They're typically lower on the leading edge, and higher on the trailing. My guess is Polaris tweaked them to help these heavy skis get on plane quicker while still trying to maintain top speeds. And anyone compare the swirl-like Polaris impellers to a modern Skat Trak swirl? The blades on the Polaris impellers are really thick; trying to wrap my head on how that affects performance and efficiency.
    Final question is probably the easiest- are the four blade impellers worth anything? I already look right past the NuJet stuff...

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    Actually if I'm not mistaken the NuJet 7.0 is one of the better impellers for the Polaris.

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    I can't see that being good in a standup. Plus they're so ugly, and these guys care about how every little thing looks...

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    With all the Polaris skis I owned over the years, I always replaced the stock impellers with skat-trak swirls & always picked up top speed & a better hole shot, most of the original Polaris impellers were made by skat-trak to Polaris' specs. The only exception was my friends Virage with the 1200 engine, the Nujet 7.0 was the best in that application. The swirls also perform a little better than the 4 blade ones too. I would be interested in adapting a Polaris pump to my 15f, I wear out a pump about every 50 hours of use, the Polaris pumps are much heavier duty & look like they flow water better.

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