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    going premix(2000 xlt1200, powervalve engine)

    Long story short, had the starter relay go bad(first wouldnt make contact at all, then made and stuck and finally back to not making). Also noticed once in a while the starter bendix would not egage(who's idea at yamaha was this assinine design anyway?? Why nt build it into a starter like all other modern starters)
    Anyway tore it down, purchased bendix, starter and relay. Waiting for them to arrive.
    Went ahead and ordered a block off plate kit and d-plate and sensor and wave-eater clips/couplingsfor preventitive maint. Ive always ran yamalube on the injected skis, do most continue using yamilube or they go with something else for premix?

    BTW pulling the front half of the engine off to replace something that should be inside the starter was a pain

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    i always had good results using yamalube including my heavy modified 1300r . others will said amsoil and so. go 50:1

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