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    V-Tech Maptuner for Yamaha Skis

    V-Tech has now upgraded the Maptuner flasher system to include Yamaha (and Kawasaki) PWC.
    In the first release we support Yamaha´s 2009-2013.

    It does not support the 2014-15 yet!
    But an older ecu can be programmed to work on a 14/15 - calibrations are ready in database!

    So how does it work?

    You can read and write to the ecu with the V-Tech Maptuner.
    In our database we have ready stage 1, 2 and 3 calibrations that you can download.

    We have also a built in online editor called "Mapedit" that you can use to make adjustments to the following:
    Igntion angle
    Rpm limiter
    Boost limiter.
    Temperature limiters
    And some other stuffs.

    Basically, you turn your stock ECU into a user programmable ignition system such as the stand alone ignitions on the market.

    We will have support for different manufactures hardware.
    We will help you create maps for specific hardware if you send us logs.

    For people with more advanced datalogging ,with boost, rpm and afr you can use Megalog viewer and autotune features.

    The flasher is very easy to use.
    With a quick connector to the ecu and 2 connectors to battery you can either flash ecu "in the ski" or on the bench.

    You will get a tuning license for your ecu, that means you can switch between different tunes and use the editor.

    In order to use this you need 1 x Maptuner flasher, 1 x tuning license , 1 x Yamaha cable.

    Note that Maptuner must be min hardware v 1.1 and software v 10.83!

    View Prices and purchase here in the forums store

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow! It's about time the pwc world was catching up to the automotive world. Tommy Jordan

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    Awesome... This is great news

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    just too bad i already pay for my R3 !!!!!!!!!!

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    interested in price

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    Interested in price and "Stage" info and results. Would be great to have a good base map that could be fine tuned!

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    V-Tech has introduced a Yamaha "Tuning Bundle Pack" at an introductory sale price. The bundle pack will include the Maptuner, Yamaha tuning cable and one tuning license. This is all live now in the forums online store.

    Currently the V-Tech home tuning system supports Yamaha Waverunner skis from 2009-2013, however a 2009-2013 ECU can be programmed to work on a 2014 or newer ski. With the Maptuner you simply connect the tuner to the ECU and the Skis battery and you and read/write to the ecu to reflash the ECU with a performance map. Currently there are choices of Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 maps to choose from as outlined below:

    STAGE 1
    This stage is designed for a original ski without hardware modifications.
    Power Output: 240hp-250hp @ 8300rpm. Rev limiter is set at 8450 RPM.

    STAGE 2
    The Stage 2 tuning is designed for a ski with aftermarket air intake and exhaust and supercharger modifications up to 15 psi boost pressure.
    Power Output: 250hp-260hp @ 8400rpm. Rev limiter is set at 8500

    The Stage 3 tuning is designed for use with after market air intake, exhaust modifications, after market intercooler and up to 17 psi boost pressure. A rising rate fuel pressure regulator is required for higher boost pressure. The boost cut limiter is disabled.
    Output Power: 300hp @ 8500rpm. Rev limiter is set at 8600 RPM In addition to the canned staged 1, 2 and 3 tunes, you have access to the V-Tech Mapedit feature.

    With Mapedit you can make adjustments to the following parameters:
    Fuel Tables
    Ignition Tables
    RPM Limiter
    Boost Limiter
    Temperature Limiters

    You can tune as many Yamaha skis with the Maptuner that you like, a tuning license must be purchased for each of them.

    V-Tech Matpuner with Tuning License Bundle Pack For 2009-2013 Yamaha Skis

    V-Tech Tuning Bundle Pack on sale now for a limited time. This Bundle Pack comes complete with everything you need to tune your 2009-2013 Yamaha...
    Yamaha bundle pack $999.95 $849.97
    15% discount

    V-Tech Matpuner with Tuning Cable For 2009-2013 Yamaha Skis

    Currently this system supports Yamaha Waverunner skis from 2009-2013, however a 2009-2013 ECU can be programmed to work on a 2014 or newer ski. With...
    Yamaha Maptuner $399.95

    V-Tech Tuning License for Yamaha Skis

    One Tuning License is required for every ski that is tuned with the V-Tech Maptuner
    Yamaha Tuning License $600.00

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    Great news! Any idea if they are working on it to work with the 2014+ svho and tentativeky when it would be available?

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    At what rpm do the fuel tables cut off??

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