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Thread: ERROR code 143

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    ERROR code 143

    I recently got my ski back from having a couple mods done, s/c wheel, injectors, ecu remap, and since then
    Error code 143 keeps appearing intermittently. I turn ski off, wait for the dash to reset and its all good. Until it happens again 1-3 hours later.
    My question is.... Because my stock yamaha ECU has been remapped, will plugging in the YDIS system cause it to scramble and lose the current mapping??
    Problem is that the fault is NOT on all the time which makes it hard to pin point. Checked for loose connections but could not find any. Battery voltage is good. I imagine charging system is ok because battery is not dropping and volts and is recharging back up to 14.2V. Fuses are good.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Hooking up a hand held scanner will not do anything to change the ecm. Service manuel list that 143 is a throttle body malfunction. You might want to remove the throttle body and clean and lube the servo gears on the side they may be sticking/ binding at times. Also if you want more help post this problem in the yamaha 4 stroke section of the forum, Tommy Jordan

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    Turns out it was bad checksum. The company, which i will not name, stuffed ecu when i has reflash done.
    Sourced a guy that knows what hes doing and he sorted it out for me. Cant wait to get back on the water after a couple LONG months

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    Happy to help. Hopefully its all sorted.

    It was definitely a bad checksum and hopefully the errors go away.

    Its amazing the ski was even running with a bad checksum. On newer ecu's this wouldn't be the case.

    Stay in touch and we will dial in that tune properly!

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