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    1995 GTS with 587 Motor Oil Injector leak testing

    I picked up an OK 1995 GTS needing some TLC.

    The biggest issue I have is the entire hull was filled with oil. I know there is a leak, but I am not sure where. The service manual says to pressure test the system to 3 or 5 psi for 10 minutes with 3 hoses clamped off. If I clamp of the two crank case hoses and the injector port hose, what am I pressure testing? There is no place to test.

    I thought since the injector oil is so expensive, mixing oil into the tank and putting a quart of 10-30 motor oil in the tank for a leak test as i would rather throw out 3 dollars for a bottle of oil, then 10 or 15 for the injector oil. This would only be for testing. Once I find the leak, I will switch to the expensive oil.

    I do not know what was done to the machine, but all the fuel (except for vent) hoses were done with new hose, but they used ty-raps for clamps. The two crank case oil lines have also been replaced. I don't know if the oil leak was before or after the hoses were replaced.

    The intake manifold side crank case hose area is oil covered, but it could have been the oil in the hull since I have about 1 gallon of it out.

    Any thoughts on how to fix this? I am new to PWCs, but I am not new to being a grease monkey.

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    The hose clamps/screw clamps on the oil lines to the engine and back to the tank will cut the oil hose if tightened too much and then they leak.

    If the engine was NOT full of oil, then the leak is external. The crank seals can and will leak but that just fills the engine cylinder with oil, I have NEVER seen one fill to the point of leaking into the hull though...

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    Bering as the ski is a 95 and needs some tlc. I'd be willing to bet none of the hoses have ever been replaced, the two small hoses coming from the oil pump to the injectors/check valves. They most likey have started cracking and leaking. I would replace all hoses and use zip ties to secure them.

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