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    yamaha vx cruiser 2009

    Hello guys, my name is Joe, I'm from from Miami.
    I'm looking for a ski to enter in this amazing waterworld.
    Found a 2009 yamaha cruiser w/ 150 hours on a trusted marina seller close to my house for $5300. I'm not sure if I should get a new one or if it's a good deal. SKi is in good conditions.
    What do u guys think?

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    Tks for sendind this link.
    It's like 200 above the suggested price. But I believe they can match the price.
    My question is do u think I should get a brand new?
    I want to avoid spending a lot of money with repairs. The point is it's half of the price of a brand new.
    What would be the lifespan of a jetski like this?

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    Maybe you could have the dealer give you the YDS (yamaha diagnostics system) print out for this wave runner. The YDS should show the number of hours total and hours at RPMs. This could give an indication whether the wave runner lived life at WOT (wide open throttle) or at a more leisurely cruise. I would think the wave runner would be more long lived at cruise conditions, such as operating between 60% to 70% RPMs.

    Yamaha YDS >

    Engine speed Time[h]
    - 2000 r/min 30.67
    2000 - 4000 r/min 53.97
    4000 - 6000 r/min 7.4
    6000 - 8000 r/min 27.82
    8000 - 10000 r/min 11.2
    10000 - 12000 r/min 0.99

    Total hours of operation 132

    Personal message kwtony here on the "greenhulk" or search for his "threads". He rents and wrenches several VX in Florida.

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