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Thread: Throttle Body

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    Throttle Body

    now that i have my spark running as high as 8600 rpms hooked up i would like to upgrade my throttle body. does anyone know what all is involved in swapping to a larger throttle body? How do you map the throttle for the drive by wire? what size is the stock spark t.b.? what would be a good size to go to? how much will this change the air/fuel ratios? is the t.b. the limiting factor on intake air flow or is it the size of the intake runners in the intake manifold? any information would be greatly appreciated

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    The supercharged throttle bodies fit the loom, but they are reversed. So if you want to try, you can open one up and reverse polarity and sensing..


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    I bet SEADOO have a load of faulty of throttle bodies that u can play with ... Most have got water in them and need a good clean and a recalibrate by buds

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